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Professional fire and security system solutions.

We combine design, thinking and technical.

Our handpicked team of professionals offer a vast wealth of expertise across all disciplines, to include Professional Sales and System Design to the required standards, Full Installation, testing and commissioning and finally to the ongoing annual maintenance ensuring your systems are kept in tip top condition.






  • Access Control System

    • –  Proximity card system online or standalone
    • –  Access control with integrated CCTV
    • –  Biometric reader technology, fingerprint
    • –  Iris scan- Smart card technology integration for cashless vending
    • –  Multi user multi-site control – Full digital CCTV integration
    • –  Photo identification systems integrated in access control
    • –  Audio & Video entry systems
    • –  Photo ID Card printers + Lanyards, Printer Ribbon, Access cards.
    • –  Cloud Based Access control

    ART are specialists in the implementation of access control systems and have over 40 years of experience in this field. As a result, we are proud to be official partners with a select group of the leading access control manufacturers. Our engineers are fully trained in all areas relative to access control and we boast installation at many major hospitals, airports and education establishments throughout the uk. Whether you require a standalone system or a fully integrate multi-site, multi door application we have a system to fit. Giving you the power to say who goes where and when.

  • CCTV System

    • –  Network Video recorders for CCTV Systems
    • –  Hard disc recorder integrated with access control systems
    • –  High speed dome cameras and covert operation cameras
    • –  Audio installations for remote operation
    • –  ANPR VNPR Vehicle number plate recognition
    • –  IP recorders / CCTV Cameras
    • –  Cloud Based CCTV Systems
    • –  CCTV Impact assessments and data compliance GDPR
    • –  CCTV Signage in line with GDPR

    As CCTV technology expands so does our ability to achieve your desired goals. At its most basic we can offer a very simple entry level system but can easily take it right the way up to a full integrated city centre scheme utilising number of plate recognition cameras, speed domes and IP based recording systems. IP is the growing area in our CCTV arsenal and we can offer very flexible, powerful and high-quality images across a vast number of cameras and sites. Giving you greater control of all your remote sites, whilst ensuring you have the required data storage to capture all recorded information.

  • CCTV Remote Monitoring

    • –  24HR manned control room giving an immediate response to activations
    • –  Link of live cameras to trained operators via ADSL
    • –  Aids or in some cases replaces the need for ‘man guarding’

    A major benefit of CCTV is its ability to be monitored remotely by a 24HR control room giving an immediate response to any site activations. ART have a long-standing relationship with a premier monitoring station and their control room. Meaning we can offer a direct connection to your CCTV recorded sites, so that if your site has an intruder the images are immediately relayed to the control room where a trained operator can take control of the cameras and ensure as much data as possible is captured, faces, number plates etc. They would also have the ability to provide an audio response if a PA is located on site.

  • Intruder Alarms SSAIB Certified

    • –  Fully monitored intruder alarm system to SSAIB
    • –  Police response
    • –  Wireless / Hard wired systems
    • –  Key holding through one of our partner companies
    • –  Redwall – Redwave detection from central monitoring

    Intruder alarm monitoring via multiple methods using Redcare, Dualcom, GSM etc are all available through our designated Control centre, providing a police response to any activations triggered via your intruder detection system. We can offer both wired and wireless solutions, each system suited to its environment. A range of specific detection methods are available from movement sensors, door contacts and vibration window sensors etc. All alarms fully approved and accredited for insurance purposes.

  • Fire Protection Systems Bafe SP203 Accredited

    • –  All Fire Systems fully designed and installed to Bafe SP203
    • –  In House System Design Part 1 and Part 6
    • –  Wireless systems ideal for new buildings, listed buildings and upgrades
    • –  Hard wired Analog and Addressable systems
    • –  Emergency lighting Systems
    • –  Firefighting equipment
    • –  Deluge fire systems for server rooms etc.
    • –  Vesda and Beam detection systems

    Fire detection systems to meet your specific needs, ART can provide analogue or fully addressable fire systems on either wireless or hardwired networks. All our systems can be monitored via our 24HR control room for an immediate response. All our systems utilise the very latest in fire detection technology ensuring we have a package to suit any application. All systems are fully approved and accredited for insurance purposes.

  • Fire Extinguisher Systems

    • –  All Fire Extinguisher types
    • –  Extinguisher Stand and Signs
    • –  Standard and Chrome units
    • –  Hose reals and blankets
    • –  Annual servicing
    • –  5 and 10-year discharge and replacement
    • –  All equipment maintained as per BS 5306 Part 3

    Fire extinguisher system designed and provided in line with the current standards ensuring all are of your busing have eht correct unit located , with the correct signage and stands or wall mount we insure your staff and property have the correct unit in the correct location should they ever be required. With our routine annual servicing plans you can be assured total confidence in the operation of the extinguisher unit.

  • Perimeter Control

    • –  Fastlane Optical Lanes / Turnstiles
    • –  Electric Gates
    • –  Electric Shutter / Grills
    • –  Raised arm barriers
    • –  Fencing
    • –  Bollards electric and manual
    • –  All fully integrated within access control and CCTV

    We offer many different forms of perimeter protection such as electric rising bollards, raised arm barriers, gates, perimeter fencing etc. However, where a physical barrier is not possible we can use virtual fields of detection using the very latest redwall / beam technology. All the perimeter system can be fully integrated into all other system, CCTV, access control, etc.

  • Cashless Vending Systems

    • –  Staff and visitor card systems permanent and temporary
    • –  Coin and note loaders
    • –  Electronic Funds Transfer Direct bank card loading
    • –  Touch screen Epos Terminals at POS (point of sale)
    • –  PC based platforms for ease of use and administration
    • –  Flexible and safe removing the need for onsite cash and cash storage
    • –  Use in company restaurants, car parks, site shop as well as vending and coffee machines etc.

    Cashless vending when utilised with access control can prove to be very worthwhile. Taking away the need for cash and cash control gives a greater flexibility across many different markets in education. For example, student cards can be used to purchase and loan books, pay for food etc. Whilst in a staff rich environment, the card can be used for access control, food purchasing, car parking etc. One card giving you total flexibility around your site, easily loaded for more credits either by cash loaders or online. This is a safe and secure way to make purchases around your site.

  • Asset Protection

    • –  Physical and concealed detection points via door loops, floor mats, pedestals and beams etc
    • –  Multiple article tag applications; both physical and electronic, ink etc
    • –  Quick and secure release systems via hand help and desk mount detacher units
    • –  Suited to many applications; retail, museums, hospitals, schools and colleges etc
    • –  Multiple tag sizes for different applications; clothes, sunglasses, computers, pictures, vehicles etc
    • –  Local alarm to prevent removal of tagged items from a designated area
    • –  Fully integrated to CCTV system for camera response to alarm activations
    • Bespoke solutions to meet the aesthetic of any applications

    The protection of company assets is of maximum importance and using data and electronic tags we can achieve a full inventory of all assets on your register. For example, we can use the electronic tags to prevent a device or item leaving your premises without detection and ensure all assets remain on site as required. Perfect for laptops, art work, printers, copiers etc, all interfaced to your existing security system.



  • Surveys

    • –  Free on-site surveys for all systems
    • –  Full site assessments of current system
    • –  Condition surveys and system compliance checks, Fire and Intruder alarm for example

    ART are dedicated to ensuring that your initial enquiry is handled quickly and efficiently. We will carry out a thorough site survey and provide you with a detailed design specification to suit your requirements.

  • Design

    • –  Our in-house design team offer full system designs to the required standards
    • –  Design and build projects
    • –  Fully integrated designed solutions for multiple system types
    • –  Fire System designs as per BS5839 Parts 1 and 6

    To ensure all systems provided by ART are fully fit for purpose and compliant to the relevant standards giving you total peace of mind, ART have our own in-house professional design team for design team

  • Retro Fit

    • –  Upgrades to all systems
    • –  Phased upgrade in line with budgets
    • –  Utilisation of existing hardware if possible
    • –  Upgrade recommendations

    Whether we are installing a new complete system or expanding an existing system, ART will assess all available technical solutions existing to your site. Ensuring an efficient and competent security installation. Our technical expertise enables us to interface several of our systems into many different types of existing systems, giving you a fully integrated solution, saving both time and money.

  • Fire Risk Assessments

    • –  Risk Assessment survey with full reports

    As part of our fire division, ART can provide full risk assessments ensuring any areas of risk are highlighted, reported and documented. Giving you the information, you require to ensure all areas of concern are dealt with efficiently and within any specified timescales.

  • CCTV Impact Assessments

    • –  CCTV System assessment with full reports
    • –  Documentation and Processes
    • –  To ensure compliance with Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the GDPR 2018.



  • Installations

    • –  System report
    • –  Project management
    • –  Installation
    • –  Commissioning and handover

    Once ART have been instructed to proceed with your security system you will be appointed a dedicated project manager to your installation, they will be informed of all the requirements of the project and any working regulations that apply.

    Once our engineers arrive on site, they will introduce themselves to you before any work commences. In all installations there will always be a senior engineer present ensuring that all parts of the works are proceeding as planned



  • Training Programs on All Systems

    • –  Structured staff training
    • –  On-site and off-site training days

    Training is essential to remaining up to date with the rapidly changing technology of the security industry. To fully understand and operate your system correctly, full operator training will be given to members of your team. All ART engineers and personnel are trained to a very high standard on all the systems we provide, ensuring you get the very best from your systems.

  • Fire Personnel and Extinguisher Training

    • –  Fire Staff/Warden training and more
    • –  Extinguisher training
    • –  Fire emergency plans, etc

    As part of our fire division we offer full staff and warden fire training to include the use of the different types of fire extinguishers  and the types of fire to which they should be used.

  • Maintenance Agreements

    • –  Annual maintenance agreements on all systems to the required standards
    • –  Different levels of response times 24hr, 8hr, 4hr etc
    • –  Remote support, telephone and web support
    • –  Schedule planned maintenance visits
    • –  24hr manned control room for all maintained customers

    ART offer tailor made contracts to cover your specific set of requirements, ensuring all your concerns are met. The proposed system will be installed in accordance with the appropriate SSAIB codes of practice and British Standards. Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviours.

    • –  Build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and the needs of their customers as well.
    • –  Achieve our commitments for quality, cost and schedule.
    • –  Enhance the systematic research and use of best preventative practices at all levels and ensure reliable risk management.
    • –  Drive continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, well defined measurements, best practices and customer surveys.
    • –  Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability through appropriate development programs and show strong management involvement and commitment.

    A one-off annual payment removes the need for concern. You can be assured a speedy and efficient response to all call outs within your specific contract response times. In nearly all cases we will try to ensure all faults are dealt with within 24 hours. All contracts include service intervals for routine maintenance and inspections.

  • Maintenance Benefits

    • –  Access to our technical support team 24 hours a day
    • –  Priority response to your support requests over non-maintained sites 4/8/24 HR
    • –  Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits 1/2 per year
    • –  Service available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
    • –  Well stocked spares on all engineer vehicles providing a speedy repair of your system
    • –  Reduced downtime due to well stocked service vehicles and fully qualified engineers
    • –  System improvement recommendation on your system
    • –  The benefit of one single point of contact for all your fire and security requirement


Feel free to get in touch
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You can call us directly at local rate on 01491 522 099 or please send us a message using the form on the right hand side. We will endeavour to get back to your message within a working day.

13 Station Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1AT

+44 (0) 1491 522 099



    Feel free to get in touch
    with any query

    You can call us directly at local rate on 01491 522 099 or please send us a message using the form on the right hand side. We will endeavour to get back to your message within a working day.

    13 Station Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1AT

    +44 (0) 1491 522 099